Monday, April 26, 2010

Stupid and Irresponsible??

First President Obama calls a highly decorated and minority community award winning Boston police officer "Stupid" for arresting the President's black friend even though he prefaced the remark with "I don't know the facts". Does that sound like the actions of an intelligent and temperate man? Now he calls both houses of the Arizona legislature "misguided and irresponsible", again apparently without actually knowing the facts, since he then said he was ordering his administration to look into the facts.

So both houses of the legislature of the sovereign state of Arizona thoroughly debate and ultimately pass a law to protect the citizens of Arizona and the Chief Executive of that state signs the law with the support of over 72% of the citizens of Arizona and according to our "Dear Leader" it is they who are misguided and irresponsible. Isn't it at least possible that due to this President's obvious racist tendencies he instinctively comes down on the side of minorities, citizens or not, and against the interests of citizens of the United States without regard for any facts.

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