Monday, April 26, 2010

Insurers get creative to reduce impact of reform | Business Insurance

Insurers get creative to reduce impact of reform | Business Insurance

Stupid and Irresponsible??

First President Obama calls a highly decorated and minority community award winning Boston police officer "Stupid" for arresting the President's black friend even though he prefaced the remark with "I don't know the facts". Does that sound like the actions of an intelligent and temperate man? Now he calls both houses of the Arizona legislature "misguided and irresponsible", again apparently without actually knowing the facts, since he then said he was ordering his administration to look into the facts.

So both houses of the legislature of the sovereign state of Arizona thoroughly debate and ultimately pass a law to protect the citizens of Arizona and the Chief Executive of that state signs the law with the support of over 72% of the citizens of Arizona and according to our "Dear Leader" it is they who are misguided and irresponsible. Isn't it at least possible that due to this President's obvious racist tendencies he instinctively comes down on the side of minorities, citizens or not, and against the interests of citizens of the United States without regard for any facts.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Healthcare Reform...A good Business Model??

My two previous posts are hard to understand unless you have your eyes open. All business is based on incentives in one way or another. Marketing and sales are the art and science of convincing a prospective customer to buy a product or service at a profit from the seller. Incentives are widely used to do that. But what if a business sold its product for less than it cost the long do you think that business would survive? Isn't that exactly what the government has done with healthcare? The first post discussed how many businesses would drop healthcare coverage for their workers since the cost of the fine to do so is roughly one fifth the average cost of employer provided healthcare. Since the government guarantees everyone heathcare there isn't even a moral issue with dropping that employee benefit. In fact, any business could give their employees a $4,000 raise and still lower their costs by an average of $4,000 per employee. That raise would also cover the fine to the employee so everyone makes out except the healthcare system since the original aim was full coverage for all. So to recap, just so us Average Americans can understand the brilliance of government mandated healthcare, businesses are required to provide healthcare but the fine for not providing is less than the cost of providing it. The employees will be fined for not buying helathcare but why would a healthy young person pay $9 or $10 grand when the fine is a third or that or less. It looks to this Average American like the incentives are on the wrong side of both deals. It sounds a bit like General Motors, who lose money on every sale but figure to make it up with volume.

U.S. budget office: 4 million likely to pay health fine

U.S. budget office: 4 million likely to pay health fine | Business Insurance

Health care reform law to reduce employer coverage

Health care reform law to reduce employer coverage: Analysis | Business Insurance

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Miss Joe Friday!!!

Remember Joe Friday, the LA detective partnered with Col. Potter, famous for telling emotional witnesses or victims..."The facts Ma'am, just the facts". I find my self screaming at the TV and Radio listening to news reports that have clearly been packaged to support someones opinion. I am so tired of listening to all conservative radio and all liberal television. To the media of all slants....I am not as stupid as you think and you aren't as smart as you think. How about adopting a novel approach and REPORT THE FACTS and leave the driving to us Average Americans.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Earth Day tradition: George Carlin on the intellectual bankruptcy of "saving the planet" | Washington Examiner

To clebrate Earthday: George Carlin on the intellectual bankruptcy of "saving the planet" | Washington Examiner

Consequences Count

Welcome to my new Blog. I am an Average American or at least I think I am. Back in the mid-70s a cousin (thanks Randee) gave me a decoupage plaque containing a quote by 19th century English Philosopher Herbert Spencer. His quote has remained with me over the years and I am constantly reminded that it is undeniably true. Without consequences no one learns anything.

It seems the Obama Administration has yet to learn this lesson as the whole concept of the new proposed banking regulation is an attempt at preventing the consequences from errors in managing risk.

Be it business, government or ones personal life the following is always true.

The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools. - Herbert Spencer